Tuesday, February 5, 2013


2 Days Until Tom is Home!!!!!
 texted with Tom on Facebook.  He is so happy.  He said it was snowing there in Japan and is hoping that will not delay his flight.  He does not think so because he does not board his flight for 33 hours and the storm should be over by then.  He boards in 33 hours,has a 14 hour flight, a 2 hour lay over in Seattle, and then arrives home.  So he will be home soon.

We decided to put the kayak trail together  and get the kayaks off the top of the car.  Putting them on the trail instead of the ground we may use them more.  We are thinking tomorrow we will take them out into the lake here at the resort.  Then we have been told that Lake Dora and canals too are a neat kayak trip.  Lake Dora is close.   So we are thinking that would be a great place to put in.  

We were in the process of getting the stuff off the top of the trailer parts in the car when one of the struts on the lift gate of the car crashed and burned.  That lift gate on the back of the car is very heavy!  I thought it was heavy until he took the one strut that was working off and then it became  terribly heavy.  We needed to finish what we started so I was voted lift gate prop person.  Rog went to the auto parts store and they had to order them.  They said they would be in this afternoon.  Well he thought her heard this afternoon, but no one called so tomorrow he is off  to find out which afternoon they really meant.  LOL

We have all the awnings up and the lights are twinkling brightly and all looks great.   The kayak trail is put together ready for fun.


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