Saturday, February 2, 2013

Specialists are hard to find and with wonderful bedside manners too.  

5 Days Until Tom Comes Home!!!!

We stayed home and walked around the resort.  Today they had yards sales so we decided to shop....yes, Les you saw right.  And we bought some things too.

Then we washed about 2/3 of the rig.  The other 1/3 was in the sun so we will pack up all the stuff that is setting around the ground on that side of the RV and put it in the car tomorrow.  Then all will be ready for us to wash that 1/3 of the RV tomorrow evening.  We are leaving for Orlando on Monday and the county where our resort is located will not allow washing of vehicles of any kind.  But we will fool them and wash in this county.  Lake county is a dry county. LOL  We will get the car done tomorrow too.  We are almost all shiny bright again.  

Saturday night and we are watching movies from the Red Box.  Of course the movies we wanted were already rented so next time we will have to reserve them.  

Got my lottery numbers, winners I might add.    Good Luck me!!! and you too Les.           
Now for a little story:

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