Thursday, February 21, 2013

Well we have landed, planted our feet, and  spread our wings to stay awhile.  I took a nice nap and I think my body has recouped from the joys of waiting for our RV repairs.  Before we headed to the RV repair place we left a few things here at the site.  One of those things was my beautiful tulips that Rog got me for Valentines Day.  Well we are thinking that Steve, the squirrel, ate the flowers off and now enjoying the green stuff. 

We went to the Lazy Dazy RV sales, service, and resort.  It is a very impressive place.  We did not venture into the resort part, but the other is nice.  The people were great.  They were very busy, so keeping you in the loop on the happenings of your RV all the time was a bit lacking, but all in all good.  Their facilities were great.  The main waiting room was big, well furnished, and was pet friendly.  Not all of the pets were though.  LOL  But all in all everyone kept their animals in line.   If you did not have a dog and wanted to be in less of a crowd they had comfy groupings for you throughout the facility.  Off of the reception area is a large fountain with quite the plantings.  They also had a large lunch room where you could get coffee and tea all of the time.  They served breakfast and lunch.  If you stay in the resort you could have free meals there.  The meals were OK, but nothing to write home about.  

These were the planter boxes they had out front.  They had three of these "parked there".  They are metal and are so cute. 

 They also sold RV's there too.  I was so impressed with the way they presented them.  They had them set up in sections, say toy hauler here, travel trailer there.  As you walked around the place was landscaped with trees, bushes and flowers and did not have the appearance of a RV sales lot at all.  One area with motor homes had them set up like they were in a fancy resort.  They had them parked in sites like they were in the resort.  Some sites had picnic tables.  

We met some nice people there and exchanged many stories of travel.  We had a great time with David, Micheal, and Sandy.  Nothing against David or Micheal, but Sandy was the so sweet.  She was half my size and her tail was as big around as my arm.  Well maybe not that big around, but she was big.  Loved her.   We were able to leave, but they were spending at least one more night there.  Not Micheal because he has to work this weekend.  

I am just kicking myself for not taking pix of this place and Sandy, but I did get a few of a cute travel trailer with a front end kitchen!!! 


I loved this saying.  I must get it a sign made for our car.

Front kitchen

This pic shows the TV lowered for viewing.  It is above the sink.

You are now looking at the bedroom, dining room, and living room.  Not much in the way of closet space.
This is another little one close by.  This has the kitchen in the back and only a bedroom.  There is no room for sitting inside at all.  

We had what they called their diamond service package.  This alone took the guy 6 hours to check all the things on the list.  We were sure this would add more to the estimated cost, but not so much.  We also had the calipers changed on a recall.  Just this took one day to do Man am I glad that someone else was paying this bill because that cost a pretty penny.  

 Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they are sexy.

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