Sunday, February 3, 2013



4 Days Tom Will Be Home!!!!!

We stayed home and finished washing the rig and got the car done too.  We will get up in the morning and pack up our stuff and head to Orlando, well Clermont, but nobody knows where I am talking about so Orlando is very close.  

I also took a shower and washed the dishes today.  So I decided since I was in the washing mood I would grabbed Merry and washed her too.  She did not like it at the time, but she put up with me.  She really smells good and I just know she feels better too.
Everything is shiny bright now.  

Oh yea the Big Game is on!!! ZZZZZZZ

When I talked with Tom, he said they would be packing his house up tomorrow so everything can be shipped homeWith the time difference and the channels they get over there the Big Game is on Monday in the morning while they are there to pack everything.  He is not sure if they will be there to interfere in his game watching or not.   He will then live in biliting ( This is what I heard, it is housing for him to stay in for a short period of time between stays,  I think that is how it goes.)  Then he will check out of work and then he is HOME!!!!

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