Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We stayed close to home again.  I worked on needle work and reading.  Rog went shopping and brought me a Valentine Day flower, in a pot, of course.  Thank you!!!

I went on Facebook and found this wonderful pic of my Grandson in uniform.  He is in JROTC at his school.  I love a man in uniform.  Way to go Drew Man. 

I was off to Bingo and won $150 this time.    It was fun and I won, can't get much better than that. 

We are experiencing a bit of a change in the weather here.  We broke records for the high of 88 with clouds, which means high humidity.  Then in a matter of minutes a cold front went through.  It rained, a lot at times and the ttemperature dropped 20 degrees and is still falling.  Sunday they say that the high should be 59.  Quite of difference.  None of this lasts very long because soon it will be in the high 70's and sunny. 


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