Sunday, August 21, 2011


The Alaska trip is over and we are on our own. We stayed 5 days in Cultus Lake Ca. It is a TT park and oh so pretty. We went to the Minter Gardens and had lunch. Rog looked it up on line and got a special deal. So we saw the 36 acre gardens and it was great. We came home and Rog wanted to check something on the slide out and it would not come in. Let me go back a couple of weeks and let you know that we had slide out problems on the passenger side of the coach and Rog bought a jump-starter and rigged things up so that the slide would go in and  out, so now I have my bed again. Then the driver's side slide would not work. This one we needed help because it is hydrolic powered. So the guy comes out and says it has to be the mother board and shows Rog how to slide it in and out until we can get some where long enough to order the part to fix it. So Rog has to hook the jacks to level the rig, then unhook them and hook it to the slide part to slide out the slide. Then he goes to the other side and operates the jump-starter to slide the other slide out. Sounds like fun, but at least we have moving slides. We could not explore much of the area because we had to wait on people to help us, but it is very pretty and we want to come back and look around more.

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