Monday, November 18, 2013

Verde Valley AZ

We were kind of wondering about this when we were traveling through IL. 

I have been busy and lazy so not much blogging got done.  It is a lot of work and time to get this thing all together.  

We have been spending time with our son in Tucson and traveled to Phoenix a couple of times to see the grandpeeps.  It was a 400 mile round trip so we did not go as much as we would've liked.  We are now in Cottonwood, AZ at a Thousand Trails Resort.  It is so quiet here.  In the park in Tucson there was construction happening on both sides of the park and it was very noisy.  This was happening both day and night.  They are doing a huge interchange thing on the interstate with new bridges and on and off ramps and on the other side, well I am not sure, but a lot of digging.  We are thinking it has to do with the sewer because if the breeze was just right, man it was bad.  They are suppose to have everything done by Feb.  I hope so for the peeps in the park.  

Tom works nights and the construction on the one side of the park is quite near to his rig and they work all day.  So the big construction equipment is going with their loud engine noises and  also the beeping as they back up.  I do not know how he gets any sleep.  But, again it will be done soon.  I think the construction close to him will be done really soon.  They are also planting trees and bushes there so will be quiet and look pretty soon.  

I like what Tucson and Phoenix are doing with their freeway overpasses and on and off ramps.  They are putting in beautiful designs in the concert . sand art on the slopes and desert landscaping too.  It is so very bright and clean looking.  Way to go AZ.

Our daughter purchased a  38' 5th wheel RV.  We found it here in AZ and with cell phone calls and all we purchased it, found a long hauler to take it to her in CO.  After getting someone to move into her leased apartment as a roommate to take over the remaining time on the lease, finding a good company to haul the rig up to her, and finding a place to park it in CO was very hectic, but it has finally arrived.  As of 4:30 pm Saturday Laura owns and is living in her own home.  Now all the stuff that belongs with home ownership begins.  It is really a beautiful rig and has lots of fun bells and whistles for her to learn and enjoy.  But the best thing of all is she only has one neighbor and will only have one neighbor ever at this park anyway.  She is so tired of the noises in apartments.  I am eager to hear how she slept on her first night. *Heard it was really great.

The guy's name who hauled the 5th wheel to CO is Gene.  I have been talking to Gene a lot on the phone to get and keep things on schedule between him, Laura and the RV sales peeps.  With all these conversations we became "friends".  He seems like a really nice guy.  Well once he left with the rig in AZ I turned the worrying over to Laura at her end.  After he pulled the rig in and leveled and all he left never to be heard from again.  But soon after leaving Laura's he called me again to say I had a great daughter.  How nice.  She gave him a tip, not as much as she would have liked, but money is really tight with expenses that you never expect with this sort of thing.  Well, he said that getting tips does not happen very often in his line of work and he really appreciated it and I was to thank her again for him.  She is a really nice lady!!!    

We will be seeing her this coming weekend because she is bringing down some pieces of furniture for her brother and family.  She does not have room for them in her new digs and they are things her dad made and she wants to keep them in the family.  And she will also be here for Thanksgiving!!!!   She will also see if she wants to take the tent trailer back with her.  She will give it a test live-in for the weekend.  We are going to have her take it down and up at least once a day and park it too.  She needs to know if this is the thing for her before she hauls it to CO.

We are having and have been having wheel aliment issues with the car for years now and each time we take it in to be worked on we think it is finally fixed.  Rog is going to take it in again to see if they can get it done right.  We are going to have to purchase new shoes for it too.  With it's designer tires we see $$$$$$ leave us.   So Rog is off this morning to get that done.  We were right lots and lots of $$$$.  When they got the car up on the hoist Rog could see one tire with the cords showing.  We needed this done and now.

I have been knitting fish hats for the grandpeeps.  They are quiet cute.  I will try and get some pix for this blog to show you.  Rog said maybe on the chance one of the grandpeeps looks at the blog I had better wait.  You see they are Christmas presents. 
The blog will be spotty because my life is really boring and I will also be very busy soon with family and the holidays, but will try and keep you updated now and again.  Boring and busy yes it works.  Boring so nothing to write about.  And when I am busy doing and going I do not have time to write.  LOL

Let's get some cards out. 

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