Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Another day in Tucson

We are having fun here in Tucson.  We get to visit with Tom everyday and have our noon meal together.  And the peeps here in the park are fun to hang around with and play cards and dominoes.  

Yesterday we headed to Mesa and paid for the two RV's.  We did our walk through for the Mobile Suites 5th wheel.  It is really a very nice unit.  I could live in that one myself.  The tent trailer was interesting.  They had it all opened when we got there so we learned how to collapse it.  We did not do all that great for our first time doing it, but there were a few things impeding our smoothness of the job, so I do not feel so bad.  We did take the tent trailer home with us to work on.  The 5th wheel will be delivered to Laura when she is ready.

The tent trailer is a 1994, but looks like no one used it on the inside, but the outside needs a little TLC.  We are going to open it up tomorrow and work on some things so it will work smoothly for Laura. The canvas for the tent part is in really good shape the problem we are having is the easy of the slide of the bed sections.  So we are going to wax them up good and see if that does the trick also the latches that hold the top down need to be replaced and a corner of the base unit needs some looking at.  But we can't complain too much because they practically gave us the tent trailer after purchasing the 5th wheel.  We need things to go together with easy because Laura will be setting up and taking down on her own most of the time so it has to be easy. 

The weather has been wonderful here.  That said we have had a couple of days that have been very windy.  There is more wind in some places than others.  We went to Mesa to pick up the tent trailer and all.  Going we took the freeway and coming back we took the road less taken and saw some wonderful country.  We are so glad we took the road less taken because there was a horrible accident on the freeway because of blowing dust killing three people and involving 11 cars, truck, and RV's.  We saw pix on the TV, what a mess.  It was breezy where we were at, but no dust blowing and really no wind.  We took the awnings down before we left because of the weather forecast so all was fine when we got back home.  We do not  think the wind was very bad here anyway.  

We got back home and settled in and then called Tom at work to see if we could meet for dinner near the base.  So we missed our noon meal, but saw him for dinner.  It was great.  

I am knitting the grandkids hats.  Drew and Bella wanted fish hats so I finished those up yesterday.  We need to head for the store to purchase big buttons for their eyes and they are done.  Will work on a pretty hat for Juliet next. 

My what a cute puppy.
 I can not imagine the size of the poop bags for this guy. LOL 


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