Tuesday, October 15, 2013


We are now in sunny Arizona.  We are staying in the same rv park Tom is staying.  He is stationed in Tucson and goes home on the weekends.  We thought we would hang with him for a month.  It was so great to see him this morning.  It has been almost 3 years now since we saw him last.  He is looking great.  Tom is working from 2 pm to 11pm.  We got to take him out to breakfast.

Also at this park I was invited to play cards with the ladies in the afternoon.  It was fun, but I did not get my glasses in for repair or call the doctor's office of an appointment.  I was just having too much fun.  I must get this done tomorrow.  They are having a BBQ at noon here tomorrow.  Tom will be able to partake because he does not have to go to work until after.  The girls are maybe going to play cards tomorrow.  I may have to bow out to get my stuff lined up first then have fun later.  

   Getting here we stopped at a rest stop and noticed this train heading down the tracks.  We figured out that it was loaded with those giant wind machine tower parts.  There was nothing else on this train just the wind machine tower parts and lots of them.  

  Sunrise .  Looking out my window.  Really beautiful stuff. 

Now for some more, yes more wonderful balloon pix.

Joelly, Maricopa, AZ

This is one of three bees that would inflate everyday and sometimes would be able to lift off.  This is the baby bee.  This is a special bee, well the pilot is special.  He is the only wheelchair bond balloon pilot in the world.  This particular day the balloons came right over our heads and were flying oh so low.  

He has a special "basket" for his balloon.  He is even sitting on his propane tanks that he uses to inflate the balloon.


 Arky, Grants Pass, OR
This is the morning of the mass assention for the special shapes.  This is the only time we saw the arch up in the air. Isn't it beautiful.   It came down in the field near us.  After watching them deflate this bad boy I can understand why it would not go up so many times. 

Coming down


They are deflating each and every animal on the arch.






It took them a good amount of time getting the arch deflated and in the bag.  It was very interesting watching this all happen.  Pencil boy was in most of the pix.  They moved him around to use the same tarp that was used with the Arch. 

Buddy Beaver, Yuma AZ

   These two are "kissing" up high in the sky.  
  Rocket Boy, Brazil  and Farm Chicken, Brazil are having a little talk. 

Oggy The Friendly Dragon, Westfield, IN 

Old Lady and The Shoe, Amarillo, TX 


Party Panda, Etna, CA

  Cow up

Cow coming down


Scarecrow, Bloomington, IN

I have more pix.  Hope I am not boring you with them.  I know I had fun seeing them the first time and the second time with you was just as wonderful. 
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  1. Love seeing the pictures, one of these years we hope to be there also. Look forward to maybe see the two of you this winter. We are planning on heading that way in January.