Friday, October 18, 2013

Tucson AZ

We are staying in a RV park in Tuscon, AZ.  Our son is stationed at the Air Force base close by and is living in his RV in this park too.  It is great being able to visit and do things with himIt has been over three years since we have been able to do that in person.  He was stationed in Japan for a couple of years and we have been touring the East Coast for a couple of years.  

We are really glad to be in the western part of the USA.  our country is amazing and it's people are wonderful too. And we have seen and done some amazing things this last couple of years back East, but we really like the openness of the West and I didn't think I would say this, but I even like the dryness too.  

We have been accepted at this park.  The first day I was invited to play cards with the ladies.  So every day since we got here I have played cards.  They play Hand and Foot and 13.  I have played Hand and Foot before, but 13 is new, but it is like other Rummy games I have play with it's own little twist.  They play 13 for a penny a point and I am down about $3 so far.

Because we are staying a month we have our own mail box.  That was nice so had the mail sent by USP and got a bunch yesterday in our little box.  One of the things is in the mail was the Obama Care Medical Insurance Enrollment Stuff.  He and They lied to the American people so much.  We have to pay 8 times more to get the plan we had before.  That is just not right, especially for people on fixed incomes.  This country and its people do not deserve what is being done to them.  Maybe we do if we do nothing to stop this madness.  Rog and I will do just fine, but I worry about our grandkids.  They are not going to have the same wonderful country we have had if we don't stop this.  Please people just stop and think about what they are doing and the children coming along that have to really live it.

This is the last bunch of Balloon pix.
Uncle Sam, Dakota Duns, SD


This pic was taken right at the end of the row that our RV was parked.  One of the reasons for so many balloons here is the field just beyond the little bushes you see in front of the people is where there is a competition taking place.  This time the special shapes balloons are involved.  They come in close and try and throw a bean bag into a basket in the middle of the field and closes one or ones get a money prize.  I am not sure the amount for this game.  With the game field so close just bring a chair down and enjoy.  Also with the special shapes once they drop the bean bag they land as soon as possible so we got to be in on that excitement too.  You have been enjoying those pix for a couple of days now.
   The other "ordinary" balloons also go up with the special shapes too.  I thought this one was so pretty.

Spider Pig, Albuquerque, NM  


Snobird, Chandler TX  Notice his camera around his neck.

Hopper T. Frog, Park City UT



Taken while on the field.  It was just amazing

Center Stage trying to inflate 

Darth Vader   Court St. Etienne, Belgium

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