Sunday, October 20, 2013

The new RVs

We pretty much hung around the old RV today.  I went and played dominoes with the ladies for a couple of hours.  Poor Rog stayed home and washed the RV.  It does look really good.  He did a fine job.  

Yesterday after the birthday party we went to an RV place to look at some RVs Laura had texted us and wanted us to look into.  We did find the ones she wanted us to see, but there were sold signs on them both.  So we wondered around some and found a 5th wheel a big 5th wheel and even Laura's father knew she would love this one.  Well Rog's wife loved it too.  It is a Mobile Suites by Double Tree.  It is used, but in wonderful condition.  So we decided to make an offer and well we, she is a proud owner of a new home.   Below is the link to the pix and all about it.  Highlight, copy and paste to see all the details and pix.

Laura is so tired of living in apartments with the noise on all sides and even noise from above.  She could not nor does not want to  own a house house so we thought an RV could fill the bill just find.  If you don't like where you are living hitch up and move.  If your job moves just hitch up and move.  Well that is easier said than done with this big thing.  Her truck can not tow it.  So what you do is hirer a big pick up truck with a 5th wheel hitch to move your house, belongings and all to the new location.  No packing involved.  Pull up your jacks, slide in your slides and hitch up.  It is way less expensive than packing everything and having movers come and move you, then you have to unpack all that stuff too.  Not this way.  Jacks down, slide outs out and you are home with no unpacking.

Well we knew she wanted to camp when she is off work so we looked into a tent trailer she can tow.  So we located a used tent trailer that needs a bit of cleaning, but the tent part of the trailer look brand new as does the sink and stove so we made an offer and she is now the owner of a tent trailer too.

Needless to say Laura is so happy, but now she has to down size some.  Get rid of all furniture.  and move out of her apartment.  She will be a busy bee. 

Hopefully she can get is all together before it turns into a pumpkin.


No balloons pix, but I thought this was so cute and wonderful.

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