Sunday, October 20, 2013

b day

  We had a great time at Maddy's 8th birthday party at Chunky Cheese.  It was great to see the Tom and Sheri's family again.  It has been just too long.  They have added three foster brothers to the clan and now they are 8 kids and two adults (sometimes they as much a kid as the kids, which is great).  They are doing great and that is great for parents to see.
Maddy is blowing out all of her many candles.  She has to really concentrate to get them all out so she can get her wish.  
There was so much smoke from the many candles that it was hard for her to get her breath.  LOL
Maddy and her mouse friend.

Getting last minute instructions on the up coming musical session with the Mouse.  

  Dancing with her pal. 
  Now she is rocking out and having a ball. 

   This is Sam's earring.  I thought it was a hoot.  It really looks like a screw, but it is not.  It has the studs and is two parts with a front and back.  Tough lady without having to be tough.  LOL
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