Wednesday, October 23, 2013

enjoying life

We have not done much the last few days.  WE are lounging around the ole RV park enjoying doing nothing.  Well we (as in Rog) have washed this big thing and the car.  I have been playing cards and dominoes with the girls, knitting, swimming and the most fun is hanging with Tom.  

We had  a really nice BBQ lunch here at the rv park.  Met some more of the peeps that winter here.  They are being to straggle in now.  Some of these peeps have been coming to this park for the winter for 15 and 20 years!

It is hard to blog about boring stuff that really no one wants to read about anyway.  

I am posting pix I have stored away for some time for this sort of time in blogging. 

Sorry Mississippi, but this sign is very funny.  Maybe not that true?

This is just my opinion. LOL

I have actually been up that creek without a half a paddle in North Carolina.

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