Sunday, October 13, 2013

kayaking Elephant Butte Lake

This morning, before the winds began, we got up and headed for Elephant Butte Lake to kayak.  It was a beautiful morning and we had a great time.

As usual Rog has launched me and is getting ready to join me.

The water is like glass and the country side is very rough and beautiful in it's own way.    

This is Elephant Butte from far away across the lake.  Not much from this distance.  But with computer magic I was able to bring it closer.

This is her up close.  It really looks like an elephant.  The interesting thing is I could only "see" the elephant while in a kayak on the lake.  I could not make it out at the campground or on the highway coming here. So you must be in the right position to see the elephant.
Even closer and you can really see her now.

New Mexico sunset.  

Now some more Balloon Festival pix. 
Mr. Z, Albuquerque, NM  It was created in honor of all the referees that work on the field.  Remember in a previous blog I mentioned the referees were nicknamed "zebras" by the balloonists and their fans.  They are the ones that tell the balloonist when to launch or not.  They are constantly checking the weather and wind speed and direction.  They are trying to keep all safe on the field, in the air, and when they land.  

Sahuaro Grande Dude, Tucson, AZ

Pigasus, Richardson, TX 
Pumpkinhead, Scottsdale, AZ

Fire Engine, Germany

Sushi, Dayton, NV

Yellow Cab, Germany 
Sea Fantasy, Wausau, WI

American Rocket Bloomington, IN

I have so many more pix to share with you so be (get) prepared. 

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