Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Homer Day 3

This is on The Kenai River.  The walkways and stairs going down to the river where built because the fishermen were eroding the banks of the river so bad.  It makes for a really neat and easy walk down by the river.  They are fishing for salmon.  They are "running" up river to where they were born to lay eggs and die.  They have spent 2 to 5 years in the ocean and now they must go back.  When they leave the ocean on this long trip they do not eat.   So how do the fishermen catch them?  Well is it not called snagging because that is against the law, but they call it flipping because they use a bare hook, no bait, and flip the line out 20 or 30 feet hoping the fish will come by with its mouth open and gets hooked.  They also call this flossing, cute.  The next pics show how they line up shoulder to shoulder flipping their lines out they call this combat fishing.
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