Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Seward Day 1

We are on a boat cruising the Kenai Fjords and saw many amazing animals and birds along the way, but the most amazing sight of all was a group of 8 or 9 humpback whales "bubble netting". This is when a group of whales finds a large school of fish. They all work as a group diving in a circle, forcing bubbles out of their spout holes forming a kind of fish net out of these bubbles forcing the fish to stay in that "net" that circle of bubbles. Then the whales come up in the circle of bubbles with their mouths wide open and taken in thousands of fish at once. Notice that the seagulls know when this is happening and can also catch fish as they come to the surface with the whales. The captain of the boat and the hands we talked with said this is a very rare sight. I have so many more pics but can only pick a few for the blog
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