Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 14 High 85 Lo 62 Sunny

 It has been a while since my last bogged, no reason.  I did think I had a problem with uploading pics, but I did not know until my tech guy (Rog) looked into it and it was nothing, really nothing I could have been blogging and uploading all this time. 

Well really not much happening here.  We are in Wauchula, Fl. now.  We decided to get some dental work done while in Fl and it has turned into major dental work.  Well that said we think that we will be done with the dentist in 3 weeks.  This resort is very laid back and relaxing, another way of saying there is really nothing to do but lazy around.  We do go for walks along the Peace River.  One day we saw this White Ibis. I was reading up on him and it says when it is mating season their legs and bill turn a bright red.  Guess what time of the year it is?  This guy is looking for a tasty frog, insect, or fish. 

We have an e- reader for books.  We find that is easier than carrying a lot of books with us.  Well it is hard for two people to use the same reader at the same time.  So we decided to purchase another.  We went out and got a Kindle Fire.  I really like it.

Rog has found it necessary to go to the hardware store from time to time and I usually stop at the magazine area and look.  Well I found a book on Pyrography.   It is a fancy word for wood burning.  It really looked interesting.  When your home is so small and mostly filled to capacity with the necessities in life your hobbies and fun things to do have to be on the small size.  So a wood burner is quite small.  They have projects big and small, but the ones I thought would be doable were, birdhouses and jewelry.  Well to practice and see if I really want to do this I am working on paper.  You use a heavy watercolor paper.  I am working on a rosebud.  I will post tomorrow (maybe) and see what you think. 

Rog has been working with fiberglass.  He needed to fix the compartment and the back of the rig.  I will post pics of that and the details of why he needed to later.
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