Friday, April 27, 2012

High 81 Lo 56 Sunny continuing Spanish moss lesson, Merry, rig, swimming

 This is a continuing lesson on the Spanish Moss.  While I was reading up for the blog I learned that the moss blooms in May - June ish and that the flowers were very tiny as well as the seeds as you might imagine.  So I was on the hunt for blossoms.  I found them.  The first pic has the blossom out of focus because my camera wanted to focus on the reference (my finger).  But this lets you see how small the flowers are.
 This is the flower in focus.   This is like the poinsettia in that the flower is the very small thing in the middle of the green leaves.
 The beginning of the seed pod.
 This is the very beginning of the seed pod.  I'm still learning how to place the pics in order and I am a slow learner.
 This is after the seed pod has literary sprung open.  Remember this is on a very small scale.  That said it is interesting how much bigger the seed pod is than the flower.  But after thinking about it, in most all plants the flower is much smaller that the seed container as it were.
 Blue Jay's back
 Blue Jay's front

We have moved to Clermont, Fl.  We will be staying here for 3 weeks.  We need to have the RV and car checked out, oil change etc.  This ALWAYS means big bucks.  The RV takes around 20 quarts of oil etc.  Everything is big with the rig.  Then we will be ready for our trip up the east coast for the summer months.  We are only going as far east as Virginia this year because we had a later start getting out of Fl. 

Merry, our dog, has developed a cough so we have been taking her to the vet.  Well we thought we had it solved, but not so much.  She is at the vet now  for X-rays, heart and lungs, and  blood tests for other infections and other vet stuff.  She was not happy when we got there and less happy when we left her there. This too will set us back, but what can you do when a member of the family gets sick. 

We went up to the pool yesterday  and had a great swim.  Almost all of the winter guests have gone home, up north, and so the pool was almost empty.   I am not one for bobbing in the pool with a colorful noodles like most of the people.  I am there to swim and so it is great to get the bobbers out of my way. 
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