Monday, April 23, 2012

High 79 Lo 61 Windy (20 - 25 mph) most of the day

 This morning I took a walk along the Peace River and saw many interesting things.  As I am walking I am amazed at how many colors of green there are in this world.  It is also too bad I can not send you the sounds of the river.  The birds are singing and some are just yelling, I'm sorry but I have to tell it like I hear it.  The cicadas are out and buzz-humming like they do, the hawk is out screeching.  The pic above it the hawk.  I tried to look him up, but there are just to many and I was not close enough to him.  This shot was taken into the morning sun.  The camera has a sports setting so I can push down and hold and it take a pic every nth of a second until I let up so the next shot was great.
 This bunny was on the ground below the hawk ..hummmmmm.  I watched him for a while then looked up toward the sound of the hawk, looked back and he was gone. 
 This is Steve's other brother Steve by the river.
 A flock of ducks.  I also tried to look them up, but I'm not sure.  As my baby bro would say, oh it's just another ugly "brown" bird".  He's right there are a lot of them brown things flying around.
 This is a White Ibis I had pics of him before with very red legs and bill, not so red to day must not be mating season now.
 Notice that long long bill of his.
 When I first came upon this guy I thought young Ibis, but upon looking in "the book"  They say there are no Ibis brown with white spots and streaks.  This guy is a Limpkin
 This guy was out in the middle of the river sunny.  I watched for a time and soon his head went in and he just rested.
 Saturday we went to the gulf coast side of the state to meet with friends have lunch and played cards.  We met them years ago in N.C. at a RV resort.  They are going to be in N.C. again this summer and we will be able to meet them again there for more lunches and cards I am sure. 

Rog and I have been working on the body of the RV trying to repair the little mishap that happened in Washington last year coming down from Alaska.  I will show you the whole process when we get it completed.
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