Sunday, April 29, 2012

High 89 Lo 67 Sunny and warm niceSorry no everglade pics Sorry no pics later

I am sorry the pics did not download or upload anyway they did not load.  I will try to do this page again in a couple of days with pics so until later you can imagine what things  looked like LOL

 These pic are from the Everglades.  WOW a must see place.  We are planning to come back on our return trip to Fl.  The pics below are from a walk, man I wished I had done this when I took the pics.  I can not remember the name of the walk, but it was nicely done and great.  On some of the pics you will see just how close you are to the wildlife here.  The alligators are will feed and well rested.
Great Egret.  I added this pic after the text and can not put in correctly sorry.  Notice the beautiful flowing feathers on the tail.  My understanding is that the birds were killed back in the day when hats with feathers were in style.

 This is an Awhinga or snake bird.  This is a female because of the tan head.  The males are all black.  They are also called snake birds because when they are "floating" in the water their bodies are under water and their curvy neck and head is all you see and you think it is a snake.  I did not get a pic of one in the water, but when I first saw one in a lake "floating"  I thought something was very wrong with the "duck" that was sinking with a broken neck.  Tourists lol.

 This is the male Awhinga.  They spread their wings out like this to dry them.  There will be trees full of them with their wings all spread out. It is quite a sight to see. 

 This is a Cormorant  or Awhinga male feeding. I find it hard to tell them apart in the wild.   They spear their fish and then work them to the point of their beak, flip it and swallow them hole of course, no teeth and all.  It was very interesting to watch him doing this process.  Not once did the fish leave his beak. 


Alligators resting  and stretching their  jaws 
 Great Blue Heron
 Bird of some sort
 Wood stork
 The second stop in the Everglades National Park   Night time in the Everglades. The small light in the pic is the reflection of our flashlight on the eyes of an alligator.  There were fire flies there too, but very hard to get a pic of them. 
 After traveling the Rockys in Canada and Alaska all summer we thought this sign was so funny
 This is a lake in the Everglades and on the other side is the nesting area for many of the larger water foul of the area including the Roseate Spoonbill.  This is the closest that we got to them this trip.  They are so beautiful. 
 Great Blue Heron in flight
 We have been lazing around using the pool and all.  I will be, as the cowboy song goes  "brown as a berry" soon.  We have added another stop on our way to Branson, MO and that is Bristol NC.  If you are a racing fan you will know this spot.  We are stopping to see a truck race this time. 

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