Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3 Hi 89 Lo 65 Sunny no rain no wind

 I must remember when doing the blog to go backward when loading pics, so you can see the story unfold correctly, but today we will start at the end of the story and go to the beginning.  Awhile back I saw on Groupon a deal for riding a Segway .  Well, Rog and I thought this would be great fun , but after research and talking with the Segway people it was determined that I should and  probably could not operate said machine.  Rog really wanted to do this so off we went.  Don wanted to try them out too so he joined us.  In this pic you see the group. tour guide and four in the train, leaving for a 1hr and 15 min. trip to a park and then to the pier and back to see Cocoa Beach and the Atlantic Ocean.  Rog is in the lead behind the guide and Don is bringing up the rear.
 Rog has received his 5 min. instructions and has master the Segway in the parking lot of the Hilton where the Segway people are housed.
 Don is now receiving his instructions.
 Rog is the first of the group to get on the machine and learn how to balance and make it go.  Stand straight and you stop. Lean forward and you go.  Lean more forward and you go faster. To turn you lean the handle to the direction you wish to go.  The Segway will turn a full 360 where you stand so no lessons on backwards, besides if you do backwards wrong the machine will dump you on the ground.
 The guys are really thinking about this whole thing
 The Segway place was all the way to Cocoa Beach on the Atlantic side of the state, some 73 miles away.  The appointment for the ride was 9:00 AM so we had to leave at 6:30 AM and this is what the sun rise looks like in Florida.  We got to see the sun before anyone else. There was heavy fog earlier and you can see some in this pic.
 This is the resident sand hill crane family.  The baby is really getting big.
 We also have turtles here.  Not sure the name, but will find out later.  They hibernate in the winter here, not sure why.  They will dig a hole and stay there for 3/4 months.  The park fences them off so people will know where they are and will not dig them up by mistake.
 My understanding is that his one is a little one.  They are just starting to come out and look for a mate, so the next adventure is digging a place for the eggs.  His mouth is open and he is eating the plants.  It is interesting to watch because he does not stay in one place very long at all.  It is more like pruning the plant.
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