Monday, April 16, 2012

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 The stuff needed to do fiberglass
 The compartment being fiber glassed.  Notice the corner, it was to the front of the compartment touching the black pipe to your right when we first saw it .  I was so worried about the traffic and all I forgot to take pics.
 The man fiber glassing the compartment.

Now the rest of the story.  Along about say March we were heading north, back from the Keys and while we were traveling down the road we were talking about things.  One of those things was tires on the rig.We have learned important things while talking with people in the tire biz, but upon learning important things you must act upon them in a timely manner.  I'll get to that in a moment.  The thing we learned was tires only last about 5 to 6 years and then they begin to fall apart.  The reason given is that tires today are not made of rubber, but a synthetic material.  This is important because rubber releases an oil as it rolls down the road and thus the rubber remains pliable and would not become brittle over time. They would tend to wear out not fall apart.  Well our tires were 6 years old  and we were talking about the next stop we needed to buy 6 big tires for the rig.  This meant big bucks, but needed to be done. A blow out is not good on many levels.  We could be in or cause an accident, damaged caused by the debris to us and others on the road,  having to fix things on the fly costs more, and time sitting beside the road.  We find getting things done that takes time can be a problem for full timers on the move and then being places that do not have the services you need. Our next stop was for 2 weeks so we were going to get the tires.  Well 23 miles from the resort on I 75 during rush hour we had a blow out.  It was the inside left rear.  I really felt sorry for the people behind us because of all the flying debirs But Rog pointed out that our tow car took the first and hardest of the debris, so most was deflected by us, which is only right since it was caused by us.  Well we got the tire changed, no one was in an accident and the damage to the rig was slight  when you thought about what could have happened.  The compartment that was damaged was the one with all the sewer pipes to the house none  of them were touched.  You can see many cuts in the fiber glass because Rog had to cut it out to push and pound the corner back out.  We give thanks to God that everything turn out and all is well.

Well this is my first try at Pyrography.  It is really harder than I thought it would be, but I am wanting to find a cute little birdhouse to try on next then. I will know if this is for me.
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