Wednesday, May 2, 2012

High 89 Lo 65 Sunny Geocaching and lunch out

 We spent the morning geocaching and had a groupon for a small out of the way restaurant.  We picked 12 caches from the computer site and uploaded them to our small GPS for geocaching and also put the info into our RV GPS, never hurts to have backup.  The first one was an interesting hide.  You see Rog finding the exact (within 6 ft they say) location from the coordinates.  Then we must find the hidden cache.
 So you start turning over rocks, branches, leaves, fence post tops until you find the cache.
 Found it!
 Next you look inside and see if there are any little goodies you want and you can take or not,  you can also leave something or not.  There is a log book or paper in each one so you log in with your caching name, ours is sitingbear and the date found.
Rog has found another one.  The caches are labeled by size the first one found above is a small cache this is a micro.  This is so small all that fits is the log paper.
 This cache is also a micro.  Some are hidden really good or we just gave up too soon.  All we found here was this neat lizard (if you can find it) and the gopher tortoise below
 Here Rog has found another one in a tree.  We have found most of ours in trees. 

 This is the log paper just name and date is needed Next
 We like to go caching because it gets us outdoors and we get to see the area.  This was a very interesting place.  I thought the crossing sign was neat
 The cache is located below the sign by the electrical box
 There it is on the ground by the plant this is a small one
 We thought this lid was neat too.  The contents of the box was interesting .  The Forest Service set these caches up that is why Ricky Raccoon is here.
 We were told that a family moved in an old orange grove and found a nest of scrub jays so they decided to take down the orange trees plant native plants the jays liked and let it go back to nature and our government decided to help out.  So now it is a park area where you can go and see the jays and flowers and other birds and stuff.
 Not sure why the donkeys, but there are 3 of them.  It was very pretty here with all the flowers and butterflies
 Our next cache took us into the forest.  This was a fun cache once you found it, The green container in the group of 3 trees below Then you had to make it into the cache its self.
 This cache started this big and ended up, 6 jars later, a little bitty thing.  I had put the pic on the blog, but I guess I can have only so many pics at a time.  So imagine Rog's thumb nail and you have the size of the last container.  We could not believe how small it was.

We had a lot of fun and ate lunch at the Red Wing Restaurant.  We had a very tasty lunch for half off.  Looking forward to the next outing.

We brought Merry home from the vet the same day we left her for X-rays.  We were told she is old, yes 15 years old  we knew that. She has congestive heart disease and there is no cure.  So will enjoy her for as long as we have, which according to the vet could be years.
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