Friday, May 25, 2012

Cumberland Island, Ga.

This is a cute fiddler crab walking on the walk at the entrance to the Cumberland Island National Park Building.  Here we boarded a boat (see below).   I really do try and load these pics in order then I load them and they change themselves around. 
This is Rog walking down on one of the roads to the Dungeness Ruins.  It is so beautiful here.  The island is 9,800 acres. 
This is the entrance to the Dungeness Estates.
This is the site of two magnificent estates, separated in time by 100 years, yet sharing the same name and foundation. The first estate was a four story built in 1783.  Then in 1880 Thomas Carnegie, younger brother of Andrew built this little place.  They eventually owned 90% of the island.  They renovated this estate and built four additional mansions for her children.  In the 1920's saw the end of an age and the decline in the use of the island and in 1957 Dungeness burnt down.
This estate had many out buildings and servant quarters.  There was a rec hall with swimming pool, dance floor, gym, etc.

Also on the island is a large herd of "wild" horses with little ones.  No one rides or feeds them, but they are use to people being around them so they just eat and don't even look up at you as you pass.  They are not fenced in are anything. 
This is our boat, oops ferry.  It took 45 minutes to get to the island.
Birds everywhere and the singing was wonderful.
We saw dolphins and rays.  The rays are mating now and I guess they "fly" out of the water and plop down and make a loud noise.  I guess this is part of mating thing because it happens at this time every year.  I was not quick enough to get a pic, but it was very interesting to see.
This is a lovely couple on board,.  I still can't get use to the RED hair.  Two hair cuts and it will be gone.
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