Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stay at home. cloudy and rain

Yesterday Rog took the RV in to get an oil change and I stayed behind with the dogs.  I brought my camera with me and got these wonderful pics.  This Tiger Swallow Tail Butterfly stayed around our camp for a long time and I got some great shots.
This guy was making such a racket, but is he beautiful!!??  His face is so cute
He is carrying not one but two seeds.
I love the blues.

The amazing pic that I did not get was something.  I even had the camera on my lap when it happened not once, but twice and I still did not get it on "film" as they say.  

It was two hawks.  They have a pair in the rv park.  The larger of the two had a mouse in it tines and the small one was chasing and they were making quiet the racket.  They hovered above my head maybe 15, 20 feet.  It was so amazing, that is maybe why I did not get any pics, I was too busy watching.  I was not expecting anything that wonderful to happen so close to me. 

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