Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Road Trip Stormy all Day

Well today was a down day.  It was stormy all day.  Some big down pours, but mostly little rains.  These tropical storms go on and on for days.  They figure so far our area has had 7 inches of rain and it does not look like it is going to let up soon.  We have discovered a leak in the bedroom.  It is where the washer-dryer is located.  We thought we had a real problem, and we still may, because we were also doing laundry and we did not know if it was the washer-dryer or a leak in the motor home itself.  Well we have decided after scientific analyzes that it is a leak in the motor home because we have the leak after we were done with the laundry and after each big down pour.  hummmmmmmmm.   So next stop and no rain, Rog will get out there and caulk the vent and hopefully that will fix it.  If not .... well another blog I guess. 

 Got a phone call from Tom.  I love hearing from my kids and grand kids.  He got to Fairbanks, Alaska save and sound.  With fight and lay overs he was traveling 17 hours.  He is in Japan as a liaison between the United States Air Force and the Japanese Defense Force.  They are in Fairbanks  doing "war games".  Now I am sure that is not the military name for all this, but it is what it is.  Today he has put in 20 years in the United States Air Force!  Congratulations Son!!! and thank you.

Got the computer up and running to do another guitar lesson.  Man this hurts.  I've got to get those little pads built up on my finger tips.  I think I can get this if I can get through the pain.  I am not sure why I want to learn, but maybe one day I will need it when I am sitting with my hat on a street corner somewhere.  LOL  They say it keeps the brain cells well oiled and working.  

A month or so back we (I) got a Kindle Firer, Rog took over the E-Reader.  I really like it.  I may have blogged about it before, but it is worth repeating.  I have read 14 books so far.  We get our books from the Denver Public Library on Laura's account, any library anywhere would work.  With us traveling all you need is Internet and you can check out a book.  We check them out for 2 weeks and when the 2 weeks is up the book disappears off the reader.  You can go back in and check it out again if you wish.  I can also play Angry Bird, very important and dumb I might add.  Words with friends, well right now friend (well daughter) and that is great fun.  I got Rog interested in playing it to and he is enjoying it.  I also play Draw It with Laura.  That is great fun too.  We can play these on the smart phone too.  I am sure I can do so much more with the Kindle, but right now I am very content with reading and playing my games

Well tomorrow we are on the road again.  We are heading a grueling 109 miles up the coast of Ga. to a state park near Savannah.  we have been told it is a beautiful old city.  We are going to get on a tour bus and learn all we can then pick out areas we want to take a closer look and go there.  We find this works out really great.  We also have at least one National Monument or Park to see and stamp my book.  So Road Trip tomorrow.

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