Thursday, May 31, 2012

Paula Deen Tour of Savannah, GA

   We spent the afternoon in Savannah.  We decided to take a tour trolley with the Paula Deen theme.  For those of you not in the know she is a famous cook that is on TV and is noted for using tons of butter in her cooking.  The tour was 3 hours winding up at her Lady and Sons restaurant.  We had fried chicken, ribs, meat loaf, black-eyed peas, sweet potatoes, greens, macs and cheese,  and much more.  I must say it was the best I have had in a very long time.  

One of the most famous "gingerbread" houses in Savannah.  Gingerbread because of all the extra decorations on the outside of the house. This is really a beautiful city.  They have managed to keep so many of the old homes in beautiful condition.  I mean street after street of homes. 
This is just one of the boulevards in town.  There are so many live oaks around.
This is a home that was on the Extreme Make Over show done in 2010, I think.  Paula Deen helped in the kitchen area.
This is Paula's first home in Savannah.  She was working at the hospital, eating sack lunches.  Her co-workers thought they looked really good, so she decided to sell them.  Long story short she started selling them to co-workers and then to the business district in town and the rest is history.
There are about 12 of these little houses in Savannah.  This one is 500 sq ft.  It recently sold for $320.000. 
City Hall
Cotton Exchange.  There was one other in the world in London.
Rog eating in Lady and Sons restaurant, Paula Deen and her sons own it.
Rog and I are standing in the shade in front of the restaurant. 

It took 3 blog posts to get all that needed to be said so keep on reading.
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