Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day High 88 Lo 65


This is a bouquet of flowers I received from my daughter through her father.   She hates to spend almost another bouquet for having them shipped (I can't blame her at all there) and also she is not sure if they will be delivered since we are so "on the road types".   So I got these beautiful flowers and the very practical vase.  I am starting another portable herb garden.  I had one before we went on the Alaska trip, but decided they, customs at both borders, might take it away, terrorist alerts and all.  So I decided on a watering can for my vase.  

I hear from Laura everyday in one form or another.  She will call and share her day, do words with friends, email, text, or a drawing game.  She knows I worry about her and must know when she gets home from work.  So if she does a word I see the time and know she is fine.  

Thomas emailed me yesterday and wished be Happy Mother's Day.  I know yesterday was not Mother's Day, but where he is it was.  He is in the Air Force in Japan and they are a day and some hours different that us.  He made sure I was home and could Skype.  I can remember back not to long ago when people said picture phones would never happen in our life time and here we have Skype.  I love Skype because I can see Tom in real time and I can see how he is.  You can tell a lot from body language.  I love to see his smile.  I don't have to worry so much about him because he is in a "gated community" called an Air Force Base, but I think about how he is doing away from his family for so long, two years.  He does manage to make it home every six months or so.

My kids are the best on the planet!!  
I love you both so much!!
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