Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Hitch-hiker/Georgia

As we were traveling down the road all of a sudden we saw this frog on the mirror.  We figured he found a nice place to stay behind the top section of the mirror while we were in Florida .  It took him a good two-two and a half hours to decide to come out from behind the mirror. 
We are traveling down the road at 55 mph and had made a rest stop before he decided to appear.  You can see me in the mirror and the road behind us.  We could not stop to get him off .  We were concerned about bringing him across the border and sure enough they had an agricultural turn out before entering Georgia. lol  He jumped from this spot soon after this pic.  He just bunched up and pushed off, he knew Georgia was coming up and he had to leave. 
Says it all.  We turned off ramp # 7 so we have not traveled much of Georgia yet.  We are staying here 7 days and planning to travel the area.  Then we are going to the northern coastal end after this.
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