Wednesday, May 16, 2012

moving day thunder storm !!!

We are heading north for the summer.  The first part of our journey  Don is not with us.  He is heading for Kentucky to meet up with Greg and Ann.  Then in a couple of months we will meet again in North Carolina.

We are in Ormond Beach, Florida on the east coast of Florida.   It is close to Daytona Beach.  We are staying here a week to look this part of Florida over.  It has been cloudy all morning while we loaded things up and then started to sprinkle now and then a little on the road.  So we find the rv park, get signed in and get out spot.  We pull into our spot, plug in the electricity, level the rig and put the slides out and then the storm hit!  We were smack dab in the middle of the storm.  Lightning strikes so close it shock the rig and the thunder was sooo loud.  Then the rain began and it came down so hard you could hardly see.  It lasted a good 20 - 30 minutes.  Rain does not cause many puddles here because the "soil" is sand so it just goes down.  It is suppose to rain again tomorrow and the next day, hope we can get in some sight seeing too.

Not only is there sand here, but Florida. is on a layer of limestone.   Limestone is constantly dissolving and can create "sink holes" anywhere and anytime.  They have had two in the news of late.  They come on suddenly and get very big fast.  One homeowner has lived in their home 35 years and all of a sudden they have to leave because the home is being swallowed up. 

 They are not going to be able to save the other home either and the neighbors are being evacuated too.  I don't know how big these things can get, but this one is now a lake.

Under this layer of limestone are underground rivers and lakes.  A whole new underground world.
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