Saturday, May 12, 2012

rv repair High 89 Lo 65 Windy 20 - 25 mph

I must take you back to the beginning of this story.  We were coming down from our absolutely wonderful 60 day adventure to Alaska and decided to visit Rog's sister in Seattle, Washington.  We stopped in at a TT resort near there.  The instructions were to processed up, make a U-turn and go to your site across the road by the river.  So we unhooked the car and I drove it over following Rog.  So I hung back to give him room.  We did not see a post about 3 ft. high and Rog swung to make the U-turn and scraped the side door in the back (you can see the paint) and caught the edge of ladder, which snapped off and in so doing tore the fiberglass on the side and around the lights.

This is a pic of the ladder broken and the torn rv and how it popped out the lights.  These were not broken nor was the wiring damaged.
This is a strip covering the siding connecting the front and back of the rv.  There is a metal strip and a plastic cover.  The metal strip was bent and snapped so Rog had to straighten, which did not work so he replaced.
  Fixing one of the spots on the side.  You can see where the metal strip is gone working on replacing that.  You can also see the ladder and how he is trying to replace it.  We ordered the ladder online (great place, how we ever did before it) .  Rog had to get a different ladder because they do not make ours any more.  Our RV slopes and dips in places to make it look nice, but replacing things are hard.  So the metal supports were not long enough so Rog placed a piece of wood to make it long enough.  I am not pleased, but I will cross that bridge later.
  Rog is busy sanding, smoothing  the bondo and another type of compound to make is really smooth.
  We did not get the job completed and we had to move to Orlando. We needed lights while traveling so he replaced the lights and the small part between the lights and around the light is just plastic and it could not withstand the pressure needed to force the lights in.  So we had to take a step back and rethink this.  Rog is good.  He needed something that would be thin enough to allow the lights and covers to go on, but tough enough to support the pressure to force them in.  So he came up with sheet metal cut to fit, glued it in and re-did the patch. 
  Taped for painting
First coat, oh my what have we done.
Not bad for a couple of old amateurs with a can of spray paint.
Notice that the block of wood is gone.
  We knew we could not match the paint so we picked a color that would go with our paint scheme and planned a way of patching that would look like it belonged.  So the next part of this story is to paint the other side the same meeting at the point at the bottom. 

We do have insurance for this sort of thing, but we did not want to pay the deductible, but the main reason is they would want to take our home away from us for, they would say a day, but we all know that means at least a week.
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