Friday, June 1, 2012

The morning at Skidaway State Park, GA Great morning a bit humid

Again computers are wonderful, or maybe the operator  could be at fault (no couldn't be). When I did the post last night I checked all the pics and they were there,then this morning no pics. Sorry, but here they are now, enjoy.

We spent the morning at the park washing our bedspread and watching birds.  What a day!!
It great here in the south with the green and wet.  But what comes with this is bugs.  The bugs that are bugging us are fleas, sand fleas.  This might not be that big a problem, but we have to flea catchers and they are doing an extremely good job at attacking them.  We put the Front Line stuff on them every month and we are bathing them once a week and still fleas, fleas, fleas.  So today we bombed the house and washed the bedding in hopes this would help.  Next is getting rid of the flea catchers, I guess!  I really feel sorry for the dogs because they are just going mad itching.

 The park has a bird feeding set up that is something else.  You can view the birds in an air conditioned building with large windows and very plush comfy chairs or out side on a concrete patio with comfy chairs in the shade.  They also have a squirrel problem so they has an elaborate set-up to stop them from getting into the seed and while I was there it was working.  It was great fun.  I was the only one so much success in the bird department.  
There were many kinds and I do not pretend to know them all.  There were many Cardinals.  I am not sure if they were all male and female or young too. But there were many.

I can set my camera on sports shots and it takes a pic every second or sooner until I release the button.  This is a great shot. UP UP and AWAY
This is the set-up they have to keep Steve out of the seed.
Unknown bird in unknown bush.
Female or young Cardinal
Hummingbird of unknown type.
This is the guy I had been waiting for. Painted Bunting, male and female. He is so beautiful.  I have better shots so keep looking at other blog below.

Steve resting in the shade after fighting for the seed that fell on the ground with the Cardinals.
Unknown bird in unknown bush.  Notice the neat Mohawk.  My guess is Tufted-Titmouse
Smallish woodpecker.  My guess is a Downy or Hairy Woodpecker.

Largish woodpecker.  My guess is a Red-Bellied Woodpecker.  I know, the belly is not red, but that is what my book says
Box turtle in hiding?  I look for turtles for my grandson Drew. This one is for you Andrew.
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