Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Great news!!!
Laura got a job.   She had placed many many job apps., and had 9 interviews and got the job.  She told us that it would take 9 because the last time she did this she was hired on interview 9.  She will be teaching math and computer tech in Golden. CO.  Way to go!

It was a wonderful day and the weather was great so we decided to go kayaking.  Rog is taking  down the boats.  He finds it easier to take them down by himself, but I help him lift them up onto the car.
Here he is putting in.  The Canadians are moving out of the way. 
This is our first turtle encounter with many more to come.  This lake has so many turtles in it. 
Rog out having fun, you are having fun right, Rog.
You can find a sight in the park to stay by the lake.  Here they stayed so long that they have built a beach.What a cozy little set up on the beach.  The only beach on this lake I might add.
Another dish forest.
A "ship" wreck.  We must be very careful out here.
More guys sunning on a log.
notice his back legs pointing up.
I was able to touch him.  It is hard to get a pic and touch a turtle and steer your boat and go the right direction.  But I got the job done because, well I am good.
This is one of the bigger turtles we found.  It is just resting on the bottom.  I am at the very shallow part of the lake.
If you look really really close in the brush you will see a black bird.  You can see the eye near the fern and the little twig. There were two just making the biggest racket.  They let me get very close and really did not fly away, they only hopped up on the bank more away from the lake and me.

We also saw a Great Blue Heron and another very large bird, but I could not get a pic.  It is hard to bring yourself around and aim the camera in a kayak. 
Just to let you know they come in many different sizes, all one kind and color though.
I showed you pics before of the cabins along the lake well this is a pic looking from the lake toward the cabins. 
I do not know his name.  He was on the window and I thought he was interesting.  Love those back legs.
Here is the belly of the beast LOL
I only spent a very little time removing this mess from a very small area in the lake.  Fisher persons please remove your line and other fishing crap from the places you are fishing,  The birds get it wrapped around their legs and necks and wind up dying or losing their leg.  I have seen this and it is not pretty.  Also turtles try and eat it and it winds up in their gut and they die a terrible death.  So put it in the trash.

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