Friday, June 15, 2012

Part 2 of our trip June 15th

It has been very windy here the last couple of days.   And when the wind blows at the beach the sand moves.  We had to stop for the skip loader to move the sand off the highway.  As we were there the dune began to move.  You can see the rivers of sand.  We were being buried in sand while waiting for the sand removal dude to come. LOL
They had two pick-ups block each end of the work area on the highway and he would go in get a load of sand and move it to the other side of the road.  Well that's where it wanted to go anyway.  In this area they would call this machine a dune maker.  Yes maker, because he makes a dune on the other side of the road. LOL

This next part I call textures.
We went to Roanoke Island to see the sights.  One of those sites was Fort Raleigh National Historical Site.  Got another stamp for our book. (see past blog).  In the visitors center was a room. This room was supposed to depicted what a home in England would look like.   I was amazed!  Look at this ceiling.  It is so much more dramatic in person.  I was told they used tin plates and plastered over them and then painted them.  The pic does not show that the flowers and all the green edging are raised.  I told Rog, good thing we don't have a house I could do this to the ceiling.
Carving over the fireplace.  Remember this is the texture section of the blog.
Windows of the day
Fireplace, pattern and texture.
We were told that the walls are 400 years old and William Hearst brought them to the USA from England.
Door and surrounding area.  The English had it good, back in the day.
This is the reconstruction of the earthen fort built by the first of the English that wanted to make this land their home.  It did not work out well for them and they were "lost".  They had to be left behind, they had to leave the fort and left a message were to find them.  But a hurricane came and stopped the rescue.  And so they were never heard from again.  All this took place in 1584.  Years later they tried to settle this area again.  In 1587 the first English child was born in Roanoke Island, well for that matter the USA.  Her name was Virginia because Sir Walter Raleigh named this area Virginia.  Guess it didn't stick. 

We have been visiting many forts as we traveled up the coast and Rog has decided the English did not know how to build a fort.   Most out of earth and not all that high.  You will see the actual fort the Spanish built standing, the the English forts are all reconstructions only.

birds in flight as we drove over one of the four bridges we traverse today.  They are a type of sea gull.

This is the end of our day.
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