Thursday, June 7, 2012

visitors A wonderful day

Today we stayed at our home site.

First we noticed some hesitation on the part of the rv when applying the fuel pedal while traveling.  We experienced the same problem on the road between Chicken and Tok Alaska.   So Rog is pretty sure it is the same problem now as then, the fuel filter.  So we called a place in town they came out replaced it for a PRICE and we should be good to go.  If not back to the drawing board.  We did not have to leave our space here in the park.  The outfit came to us for a PRICE, but it makes it easy on us.  

We also had guests for lunch.  My cousins Emily Gail, Cindy and her husband came from NC to see us.  It is great to visit with family.  We grew up in different parts of the US, me in SD and they NC.  We would see each other once a year as small kids.  Then as time went by we did not see each other for years at a time, I guess life gets in the way.  We are planning another get to gather soon.  It was great to catch up on things.  I was very interested in learning about Cindy's new Internet adventure and glad to hear that it is doing so well.  She formats books for Kindle, Nooks, and Ipads.  All of these need different formatting.

Tomorrow is an out an about day.  We are going back to the Greenbrook Gardens I know for sure. 

Sorry no pics this time.

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