Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thomas Alaska pics

As I stated in another blog our son, Tom, is  in the Air Force and tdy in Fairbanks, Alaska.  He is liking it just fine, but very eager to have this tour end because he will be going home after 6/7 months absence.  He was amazed at this pic because it is 11:30 ish p m and there is a  rainbow.
He took this pic 30 minutes after the rainbow pic.  The land of the midnight sun.  

We stayed home today.  There are a few reasons, rest up, might rain, but the one that I think is the real reason, NASCAR.  I know I thought the last one was last week because we would not be getting that channel, but we have cable at this resort so racing.  

We talked with Tom on the phone today, really nice to hear his voice.  He had taken a very long trip from Fairbanks, to Canada, to Anchorage, to Fairbanks the day before.  That is a fair piece.  He has pics on facebook.  There is one of the front of his rental car just covered with bugs.  The car is white and it looks dark gray.  He says he is trying to do his part in mosquito abatement.  LOL

This is really a nice resort.  The spaces are really nice all paved, concert patio areas and green well manicured lawns with bushes to semi-hide us from our neighbors, and a tree.  They are 50 amp and have free cable.  They have rv's and what they call park models, they are 400 sq ft. Then you can add a room to make them larger.   People own them and stay in them all year, but most of the time they will stay 6/7 months then go somewhere else for the other 6 mos.  So you have a summer and winter homes.  

The resort has a large outdoor pool.  The rec hall is big and really nice.  It has a dining hall with kitchen.  There is a playground, horseshoes, basketball, shuffle board, pond with muted swan, and a huge complex next door that has shops, restaurants, more shops, etc. (we are going tomorrow).  During their peck season, winter here, they will have activities for people to attend or not.  There is a path way over from the park so you do not have to drive.  I looked at the complex on line and looks like a lot of fun, let you know.

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