Monday, June 4, 2012

Bird watching, Surprises Thunderstorm

We did not go kayaking because of forecasted thunderstorms.  Lesson: Make hay while the sun shines.  So Rog went shopping and I went bird watching at the feeders.  I get there and go to my favorite chair and get set to watch birds and out from the bushes comes my friend.  He got into the clearing and does not see me and I am not sure how close he is planning on coming so I wave to get his attention and he stops and decides that this is not the thing to do right now and walks back into the woods.  He is really a beautiful animal.
I saw all the usual suspects at the feeder.  The Red-Bellied Woodpecker and the Downy Woodpecker.  The times I have been here they seem to fly in together, interesting.
This little guy was hanging around the suet dispenser and I put all the pics of him in the blog because he is so cute.  I think this is a Carolina Chickadee. 
Told you cute!
I love to see the Cardinal's bright red in the bushes.  You can spot them a mile away.
I think this is a Brown Thrasher.  I blogged about one at the last camp place in GA.
If you look really really close you can see a little Chickadee toward the lower branch on the tree to your right.  Just a little eye test for you.
Brown Thrasher yelling (singing) at me.
This is a new bird to the feeder.  My guess is  house finch.  Got email from my brother and he says this is a Purple Finch because the red is all over his body,
Pals.  The Cardinals and the Cow birds all eat on the ground together with Steve.
Steve heard a murder of crows cawing and making a big racket and he flatten himself to the ground and scooted around like that, but kept right on eating seeds.
Turtle, what a beauty.  
I was up the hill some watching the birds and heard three roars of thunder off in the distance.  I decided I had better find a place to wait for Rog to come from the store to get me.  I barely got to my shelter and the sky opened up big time.  The lightning flashes and the cracks of the thunder were simultaneous and deafening and seemed to go on for ever.  Merry and I like to rest under the bed during these times, but no bed here.  I can understand how the Indians would be in aah of the power of nature, heck with the Indians I am.
It even started to hail.  they were the size of peas and it did not last long, but the storm did.
This was my cover during the storm, 911 was very handy.   My hair even turned red! LOL
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