Thursday, June 14, 2012

Maps Part 2

These are maps sold at Camping World and Walmart has them too.  They come in pieces kind of like a puzzle.  You put this puzzle together as you go from state to state.  So for this rv we started over , 2007, with a new map and placed the state pieces on the map as we have gone to them.  You can see that we only have the New England states and Hawaii left.  Not sure about that island one. We are planning to visit the New England state next summer.
When my two brothers started rving we gave each of them a map like this to fill out as they traveled.  You will note that there are many different stickers on the map.  As we go through the different state we have "things" we wont to do so we have stickers that tell different stories of our trips.  You will see big hearts , in LA, that means we have kayaked in that state.  Little hearts, in NC, means I have knitted and given a wheel chair blanket to a nursing home in that state.  As we are traveling from place to place there is a lot of just sitting bumping down the highway so I knit.  We have so much space to keep stuff so I knit and give it away.  My parents rved and so did Roger's  parents so we give the blankets in honor of them.  The big stars ,AL, are placed on the map when we visit the state capital.  And the latest  sticker is a paw print, in FL, it denotes successful Geo-caching.  We have Geo-cached in GA, SC, but did not find the caches so no paw print sticker there.  We are thinking the GPS is wrong, or maybe it could be us.  

So that is how we keep track of things we do as we go from place to place.  Keeps us out of trouble most of the time and it is pretty too. 

This is the end of map stories
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