Sunday, June 3, 2012

Deer in the State Park A wonderful day

I had seen these guys in the park other days, but did not have my camera or was on the phone with Laura and did not get a pic.  Well yesterday I was sitting in the dining area and looked out and there were two deer browsing in the bushes.  This was a real treat for me, Bambi in my front yard.
They did not seen to be worried about me and just walked off into the woods eating here and there and every now and then looking my way.  I was standing in the doorway of the rv taking these pics

Well it is Sunday and race day so we are staying home to watch.  Sometimes he falls asleep during the race.  Now some may say he falls asleep because he is old and tired, but the real reason is because it is BORING.  Well who wouldn't be bored watching cars go around a track, and only going left at that, for hours.  Let me see for exactly 6 hours.  This is the last race he will be able to watch this year because FOX does not carry any more races.  All the other races will be on channels we can not get, way bad.

We had neighbors across the way from us last night.  They were bikers.  We are noticing that most bikers we see are old like us.  We decided this was so because: 1. they are the only ones that can afford a HOG and 2. they are the only ones that have the time off to roam the roads.  They were all tenting (not this girl).  The different set-ups were interesting.  Regular tents, not canvas, but the modern nylon, semi pop-ups, to one that was like a tent trailer.  I am kicking myself for not getting a pic for you.  

They came in style.  It was a trailer pulled behind the bike.  It unfolded on the trailer.  It had a pop-out on one side, for bed would be my guess.  Then the opposite side had a large room that came out 2 1/2 ft by 4 ft and 6 / 7 ft high, with a patio area that was covered in front of the large room.  They carried folding chairs and all.  Remember this is on one of those little trailers that a motorcycle would pull behind.  They had a real neat set up.  Still not for me, I like what I have! 

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