Thursday, June 14, 2012

Maps Part 1 of 2

This a pic of part of the North Carolina map.  We took the red route 64 across going east to the Outer Banks, the red road going up and down on the right side.  You can see how wide the expanses for the bridges were as we traveled.  

We stayed home today.  The weather was cloudy and it was so windy.  Your kite would just rip apart out there.  We are carrying two kayaks on top of the car and it just isn't fun in the wind.  It is 7:40 and it is clear, but still windy, 25 to 30 mph gusts.  We do not have all that much time here so we will go out tomorrow no matter what.  

Did get caught up on the fun stuff, like laundry, cleaning, .....
This is a map of our rv resort.  It is big. You can see the number of our space and the black marker is the route they want us to take to get to it.  That is important, because you do not want to have to back up with car attached and some parks some turns you just can not do in an rv.  So it is important to do as you are told.  

Highway 12 is the main drag in the southern end of the Outer Banks.  You can see that it splits the park.  You will also note that the ocean is on the right side of the park.  They have great access to the beach and ocean.  The left side of the park has beach access to the sound.  There are 417 spaces and they have enough room for comfort and privacy.  Lots of stuff to do here too.
This shows the whole Outer Banks.  We are at Wave in the middle of the Banks.  Also if you follow the road up, north and go all the way to the lighthouse that is where we found the horses.  So we have traveled as far north on highway 12 has one can go.  We want to travel all the way south, but may not have time now with the weather and all.

Now the next Part 2 is also a map.  A map of our travels.
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