Tuesday, June 5, 2012

South Carolina overcast and rained on us some.

On our way to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina we traveled on 95 and 17.  On one of those highways we saw the world behind a building. 
This is the sign welcoming us into South Carolina.  Nice enough sign and here we are.  Some states even have big billboards welcoming you to their state. 
Not so much for South Carolina.  They are so proud of their state they have a gate It has kind of a plantation elegance.  Way to go.
We must say our first day here and it is wonderful.  It is cooler, 72/64 and the humidity is lower.  Not sure if this is the usual or the unusual.
We crossed over many inter coastal rivers as we traveled.  These rivers are big and wide and the waters would spread far and wide.They are not so deep during high tide and no water at low tide.  They call these areas, swamp prairies. They really do look the part, but if you walk out there it goes squish, squish. 
One, well many of the bridges we went over were draw bridges and would raise to let the taller ships pass through.  We did not have to wait in South Carolina for one, but did in Georgia.  I liked the look of this bridge.  Kind of like in England.  So right with the queen celebrating her 60th and all.
boat, yachts, and ships
The bridge from afar.
Container loaders, containers, and a freighter.
The bridge close up
An aircraft carrier under bridge.
We are traveling down 17 near Charlotte and there are little "shacks" like this one, one right after the other on both sides of the road.  There were many, maybe 50 or 60 of these shacks.  They are widening the highway now and lots of construction so not so many people selling now.  I learned from signs on the road and the Internet that these are stands for selling sweet grass baskets.  The slaves brought this craft with them in the later half of the 17th century.  It is the oldest art form of African origins in the US.  It is craft done in the South Carolina Low Country.  Sweat grass is a type of black rush, bulrushes that Moses was floating among. A tall tough grass. Baskets were made before by weaving.  The Africans made a coil with the grasses and sewed them together with white pine or saw palmetto.   We were in the rig and the construction was so extensive we could not stop and see or buy any baskets.  I am sure they would be out of my price range and besides my place is so small.  If I buy something I have to throw something away. lol  Not so funny because it is true.
International Paper mill.  The plant was enormous.  I could not get all of in my pic and we were traveling on the highway too.  As a kid I remember even coming close to a paper mill and the smell was unbearable.  Well no smell here.
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