Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Roger Part 1 of 2

Today is Roger's 68th birthday.  A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROGER!!  I have been with him 43 of those years and I must say they have been wonderful too.

We stopped at a complex to have lunch and noticed this Osprey nest on top of a light pole.  We are fascinated by these big birds of prey.
Rog was able to talk a store owner into letting him climb to the top balcony of his store and take some of these pics.
You get the pics as I shot them.  These cement horses are around some stores in Nags Head.  We are assuming they are symbols for the wild mustang  horses.   I will write more about the wild horses in the blog below or blog part 2.
The bird left the nest and circled around and landed again.  I was hoping I could get some in flight pics and away she goes and comes right back to the nest, like she heard me.  The next pics are of her landing in the nest.
We could not believe it either.  Her nest is a light pole over a kid's go cart place and the noise was loud and irritating and constantly going while we were there.  Not sure she knew what she was getting into. 
another horse.
Wright Bros. National Monument.  I always thought they started on a hill and ran off it and "flew".  No they started here where this 1st rock is.  You can see a rail on the ground.  This was used to stabilize the plane while taking off.  They did four flights.  They have marked the landings with stone markers you see here.   The 4th marker is near the tree line.  At the time of this flight in 1903 there were no trees or grass.  It was just wind and sand as Orville put it. 
This pic is for Rog.  He likes  British sports cars.
This is a marker at the Wright Bros National Monument, it is on a hill near where the  flight took place.  The hill is called Kill Devil Hill.  Called that because when the ships wrecked the barrels of rum would float ashore and would taste bad enough to "kill the devil",  But of course they drank it anyway.
We thought this was interesting a boater in a boat fishing and a fisherman beside him standing in the same water fishing.  

This is the first of a two part blog to be continued.....
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