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Happy Birthday to Roger he is 29 again! Part 2 of 2


We went sight seeing today.  We decided to take in the northern most part of the Outer Banks.  It started out dull and dreary then turned into a sunny warm day with of course sea breezes, 9/10 mph.  Nice Nice Nice.  As we were traveling over one of the long bridges we noticed it was high tide and it was starting to recede.  The birds were at the lunch counter having a feast.
Bodie (pronounced Body, I know why not spell it that way then) Island lighthouse. This one is the 3rd built, Originally built 1847, abandoned and rebuilt in 1861.  That one was blown up by the retreating Confederate troops so the Union could not use it against them.  This lighthouse was built in 1872, stands 150 ft., flashes its 160,000 candlepower beacon 19 miles over the ocean. The scaffolding is up because it is being painted.
Homes in Nags Head, NC.  I'm thinking my brother Jerry could rent one for the summer and we could come stay on the top floor and he would never even know we were there. It is really a beautiful place and many wonderful things to see and do.  So, Jerry let us know what you decide.
These big houses are street after street and not just in Nags Head.  Nags Head, this name came from the first population. They would put lanterns on the horses (nags) and walked them up and down the coast.  The men on the ships would think the lights were homes and think it safe waters.  They would wreck and it is said the settlers would plunder the shipwrecks.  Rest up the horses and wait for more ships to float by.  Then someone decided to build a lighthouse and ended all that.
Like I said we decided to drive to the end of the road going north on the Outer Banks.  So we took highway 12 all the way to the end.  When the pavement ended and the beach started I thought Rog would too.  Clue #1 No, he is older now and has lost his mind I guess.  We went out on to the beach and traveled quite a ways down the beach.  

Right at the beginning of the road/beach a wrecker was parked.  Clue #2.  Behind us was a pickup loaded with a tour group.  They were out looking for wild horses.  Well Rog couldn't find a place to turn around or pull over to let the pickup by, so he kept on going.  As you can see there is not much room between dune and ocean. 
Before we got turned around we did come upon the wild mustangs or Banker horses.  They have survived for centuries on the barrier islands. They are descendants of the horses the Spaniards brought here.  They came across the Atlantic Ocean in the days of exploring the New World.

That said.....
Well, Rog and I thought maybe some guy here had some horses he could not afford to take care of so let them lose.  People began to tell wild stories and he couldn't tell the truth now,  so he decided to go along and why not open a new business.  "Tours to the Wild Banker Horses".  I might add the tour guys were doing a great job too, because in the short time we were there we counted 6 tours.  I can't tell how much the tours were, because we didn't need to find out after all.  It only took them 5 minutes to get to the horses and what a wonderful drive on the beach too.
An old man who has lost his mind. LOL  It was so much fun and we will never forget it.
You can see the water where the last wave is receding.  Dear me.  We made it back on pavement safe and sound.  The wrecker was still there, waiting and watching. Not us today sir.  Rog says he probably doesn't leave that spot all day.  If one is going to get stuck it would be the short stretch of sand between the wet sand and the pavement, maybe 20 yds., but.... if you are stuck it is miles.  So the guy tows you that short distance and back he goes for the next customer.  I can't tell you how much it costs because we didn't need to find out after all.  Well we started, and through experience and know how, Rog pushed the gas and did not let up until we were on solid ground.  The wheels were really spinning too.  Rog said as long as you are going forward you just keep putting the gas to it.
Currituck Beach lighthouse, 158 ft high and first lit Dec. 1, 1875.  It is made of brick.  This is the lighthouse that stopped the nags from being used to wreck ships.

End of Happy Birthday Roger Part 2

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