Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NC to the Outer Banks Part 1

OK, so the computer won again.  I put the pics for the beginning first and of course when I add another blog now it is first.  You are just going to have to adjust again and I will see if I can learn from this.  We are approaching one of the three bridges to get to the Outer Banks.  This is the first bridge.  Notice we are on the bridge now and how far away the middle of the bridge is.  The river we are going over is called Alligator River.  I would say the distance is close to 7 miles.
This is about where the rv started spitting and sputtering again.  I wrote a long story about it in the beginning of the first blog which is now the last (second) blog. 
Gulls and a few Pelicans are flying while we drive.
We are heading down the hump in the middle and you can see the bridge curving to the left to the island.  Alligator Island.
We went over another bridge about the same length over the Croatan Sound and at the end of the bridge was this nest on a post in the water.  eagle or osprey.
The bridge going over the Croatan Sound.  notice we are on the bridge and again in the distance way over to the left is the middle of the bridge.  These high spots are for the tall ships to pass.
starting to go up and the rv is still sick
you can see the Atlantic Ocean just over the sand dune.  We notice traveling along the coast that you can not see the ocean because of high rise condos or dunes.
To illustrate how narrow this is you can see the dune on the left with the Atlantic Ocean just beyond and on the right you can see the water of the Roanocke Sound.  We are traveling on a very narrow strip of land
And sometimes there is no land.  Atlantic Ocean left. Roanocke Sound right.  And they meet and we go over a narrow bridge.
Atlantic Ocean
Maybe needs some fixing.

Well part 1 of 2 parts.  Please read on to see what happened before this on your trip. 
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