Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NC Outer Banks Part 2

We got up bright and early and got everything ready to leave.  We were on the road by 8:30,.   Yes, that is bright and early.  We had around 340 miles to travel.  I must speak to my travel planner and make sure this never happens again.  One should travel only 200/250 in one day.  Well I was concerned about the fuel filter fix and sure enough when we first started it spit and sputtered and the check engine light went on.  For those of you in the know Rog was kind of like Penny and just shined it on.  Very soon the spitting and sputtering and light all stopped and we had a great trip.  About 45 mile short of our destination it all began again, but worse.  Rog figured we had water in the fuel.  We are not happy with the last fill-up.  He pulled over and released water, he hoped through the new fuel filter and add additive to the fuel.  Started right up and had no problems.

NC did not seen to go all out on their entrance.  Maybe we were on the wrong highway for that.
Rog was very interested in the U-turn lanes.  Yes. There are no cross streets and they had there own traffic lights and little symbols in the pavement.  You can see here that there is one for each side of the road.
They have widened the highway at them too.  Gives them more room to make that U.
They have there own signs.
We saw lots of crops.  It seemed to be small farms.  This is a patch of blueberries.
I think this is tobacco.   We saw other crops also.
Large farm equipment on the move
And pretty flowers.

Was not sure how many pics I could put on one blog so split them land and sea.  This is the land part and the next is the sea part.
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