Monday, June 18, 2012

What a Day !!!!

 First, I could not do a blog last night because the Internet was the pits and so slow it would dump me out before I could finish anything.  I would do that blog now and do a part 2, but the pics are on the other computer and I can not get to it now.  More on this story later.

Today started out great.  Got up and ate breakfast.  Pack up the stuff and hooked up the car and off we went.  We saw that they brought the big guns in to make sand dunes.

The corn is mighty high.
Maggie rolling in the clover.
Then the rv started again with the spitting and sputtering.  Rog babied it over two long bridges and up the highway for 60 or so miles.  He even stopped and tried to see if draining the fuel filter would work like the last time.  No go.  He finally decided enough is enough and things were just getting worse not better.  

We pulled into an empty lot next to a junk store and asked if we could park there until the tow truck came.  The answer was no because a trucking company parks it trucks there for the night.  So she found us a spot behind the store.
Our home under someone else powder.
The tow truck driver parked in the center divider to check the rv because the dip to get out of where we were could have been a problem. 
This is a first and I hope only time I take a pic. of the rv crossing the state line
We are turning into the repair shop.  They will not be able to check it out until the morning and we can not stay in it for the night there so we are sleeping in a motel tonight.  Hopefully we will be on the road tomorrow.  The rv park is about 70 miles down the road.
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