Friday, June 22, 2012

fun day

No, we are not at a NASCAR event, or a concert for Sting, it is a very close, if not on top of me, thunder storm with all the thunder and lightning you could ask for.  I know my brothers will be laughing very hard at this pic, but this is the way life is, get over it.

We spent the morning at the rv resort.  I just can't get him up and going any earlier.   We went out to Walmart and did our shopping for the week .  We like Walmart because we know the store and the lay out.  Sometimes they change things up in different states.  And they have good prices most of the time. Anyway that is where we head on shopping day, if they are close.  

 It has been very hot and muggy since we got here and today has been no different.  It is hard to want to go out and have fun in this weather.  

Well this afternoon the thunder storm let lose.  I know I was raised in South Dakota and should be use to thunder storms.   To tell you the truth I hate them.   As a kid we had a big picture window, that's what they called them, and we would all gather round to watch the lightning and all when a storm can through.  I did not like them then and do not like it now.  

Well this storm hit just as we got back from Walmart and was it a  whopper .  The sky was lit up and the noise was something else.  Well when this happens I grab my silencers, as you can see in the pic, and sit tight.  I would have pics of Merry, our dog, with her ear muffs on, but she is well hidden under the passenger seat of the rv and will not come out.  LOL  She does not have ear muffs, but I think she would like them.  She does hide under the passenger seat.

This storm lasted for 4 and 1/2 hours with the thunder and all.  I do not mind the thunder in the distance.  I hate it when it rocks the rv and this storm was right on top of us.   It is still raining from the storm, but the the lightning and thunder is gone.  It is 9:00 PM.  We do not even hear the thunder in the distance anymore.  

Well you have learn today that I am not a big fan of thunder storms.  
We are planning a day out and about.  We'll see how that works out with the coming blog, stay tuned.
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