Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 2 of the break down

Our matching luggage set, His and Hers

We spent the night at Super 8 Motel.  Never again.  We were in a big enough city that we should have explored our options better, but.  Well the garage said Super 8 was close and would take dogs.  Rog told him how much they charged.  He thought it was ridiculous too and wrote it down in his book for future use.

 Well the garage called a couple, three times during the day.  The news went from good to not so.   We thought things would be under warranty, but not so much.  He said that front end and rear end engines are under different warranties and we are in the group that is not covered.  So this is all on us.  This is going to be a big one too.  Just one test just to see what might be wrong with the rv cost $250.  Then the parts are big bucks and labor costs my my.  But we look at it this way;  we have owned this rv since 07 and this is the first repair, other than oil changes and tires, we have made. We figure this is good. 
This is where the our home is spending the night.  That is what gets to us the most, we do not have a home.  

We are staying at the Red Roof Inn for half of the cost of the Super 8 Motel and it so much better.  The dogs are free here and they cost $40 at the other place.
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