Friday, June 8, 2012

Greenbrook Gardens Day 2 Part 2 Butterfly Building

I did not keep track of kind of butterfly.  All I know is that they are all beautiful and it was great fun.  So unless I have something special I will just let you look and enjoy.  I also learned that butterflies, depending upon the kind, can fly 10 to 37 mph's.  WOW
This is a bowl of fruit for the guys and gals.
This is called "puddling".  Water would puddle and evaporate and leave behind a concentration of minerals.. The butterfly comes and "drinks" up the minerals.  Almost all butterflies that "puddle" are male.  They need the minerals to reproduce.
They would sit on leaves with wings spread to get warm.  This butterfly is getting nectar though and maybe keeping warm too.
We had a lot of fun in this building.  Usually you can only stay 30 minutes at a time, but it was a slow day so they did not push us out.

Next blog you will see the Farm animals and the Zoo
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