Monday, June 11, 2012

A day at the beach and shopping

We went to Myrtle Beach today.  These pics were taken on the pier at the state park.  This is a pic taken north.  The yellow umbrellas are there all the time with two beach chairs, nice.   This area is called the Grand Strand.  It is 60 miles of white sand beaches and areas around them.  We see different signs as we travel using the words Grand Strand and we did not know what it meant, Google is wonderful.
On the pier a man, well many men, was fishing and we stopped to have a chat.  He said his catch was Spot Fish.  Well the name is Spot Croaker.  It is a small salt water fish.  It has a prominent spot behind the gill.  It is noted for a croaking sound it make using its swim bladder.  It makes excellent table fare according to the fisherman.

While we were watching he caught one.  Notice the sinker or weight.  I have never seen a pyramid one before.  You would need a substantial one in the ocean.
South view of the Grand Strand
North View of the Grand Strand
This is a pic of Barefoot Landing.  It is a large complex of restaurants, shops, and entertainment complexes.  It surrounds a lake on three sides and you can cross to shop over the lake on three floating bridges that are quite long.  We are standing on one of the bridges and you can see people walking on another bridge.
They have very large coy in the lake and you can feed for a price.
More pics of the complex.  It was very interesting.  With fun kid things to do like a carousal, water slide, a type of bumper car, and much more.  A house of magic, and one of mirrors.  It did not have JCP, Sears, or the like just, as my brother would say, crap shops. and eating places and the like.
We decided to go home early because Rog just wasn't himself. LOL
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